Suspects taken to scene of Janice Farman murder in Mauritius

Three men accused of involvement in the murder of a Scottish woman in Mauritius have returned to the crime scene as part of the police investigation.

Janice Farman, who was originally from the Clydebank area, was killed at her home on 6 July.

Her 10-year-old son was in the house at the time of the early hours attack.

Anish Soneea, 18, Ravish Rao Fakhoo and Kamlesh Mansingh, both 25, took part in a police reconstruction of alleged events in Albion.

A post-mortem examination indicated that Ms Farman died as a result of asphyxiation caused by compression of the neck.

The intruders fled with a number of items, including jewellery and her car which was later found abandoned by the side of the road.

According to local media, all three men have admitted being in the house, and one has confessed to attacking the 47-year-old.

Crowds gathered to watch as the suspects, wearing bullet proof vests, were taken to the house as part of the investigation.

Ms Farman first visited Mauritius in 1999 and later went to live in the country after her first husband went there to work.

She had been working as the managing director of PECS (Mauritius) Ltd, a privately-owned group of companies providing data services.

She had recently moved to Albion, in the west of the island.

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