Use of Profitability Index in Capital Rationing

Under capital rationing, we need a method of selecting that portfolio of projects which yields highest possible present value within the available funds. Let us consider a simple situation where a firm has the following investment opportunities and has a 10% cost of capital. If the firm has no capital […]

How To Tie A Tie

The necktie is one of the most basic and essential accessories in a man’s wardrobe. Knowing how to correctly tie a tie will give you a more polished, attractive and professional appearance. The four most popular types of necktie knots are the Windsor knot, the Half Windsor knot, the Four […]

How to Avoid Necktie Risks

Neckties are commonly worn as part of men’s dress code, from the casual everyday office wear to the formal corporate business attire. Not all men are probably comfortable in wearing them. However, many, including men, may be not aware of possible necktie-induced problems and accidents. Neckties, when worn properly, will […]

Future of Ecommerce

A move that changed the way people went about shopping online, ecommerce solutions have come a long way since then. Right from the time when the dot com bubble burst, the web saw constant changes and revelations that started affecting our daily lives. One of them was ecommerce solutions that […]