3 Interesting Facts About Energy Management Systems

More and more home owners and businesses are requesting the services of an energy management systems provider to determine their power consumption. The price for electricity is steadily rising and, without cut-backs, the cost will eventually be unsustainable. With the help of quality energy management systems, consumers can not only determine how much power they are using; they can also find out where and when to cut back without endangering the operations of their home, business or factory.

Despite the fact that energy management systems have been around for a while, not all facts have made headlines. Here are some of the details that may often be overlooked.

1. Renewable energy comparison charts

With the increased interest in renewable energy sources, both individuals and businesses want to know the impact of solar, water and wind resources in relation to their current power use. Energy management systems can provide them with detailed charts, as well as an estimate of what their daily, weekly or monthly utility bill could be if they actually would switch to renewable energy.

2. Interval readings

The best way to study energy usage is by recording it in specified intervals. These intervals can be as short as a minute, or as long as a month or a year. Although these options are available to the system’s user, it is recommended to request 5 to 15 minute interval readings. Once enough data has been gathered, it will be combined to track daily, weekly or monthly energy consumption.

3. Historical graphs

Trend screens allow operators to scroll back in time to review historical graphs of selected data. This can be beneficial if you are trying to calculate the progress made since you signed up for energy management systems services. Progress reports will illustrate if you are on the right track, or if more forceful cut-backs should be considered.

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