5 Tips To Pass the Police Oral Board

Russell M. Angelo

You have worked hard at the academy and passed your written test and your physical exams. Now you have to undergo and pass the police oral board in order to be eligible to work in the field of law enforcement as a police officer. This can be a very nerve racking time which requires some planning and preparation so you can feel more at ease when you are taking your oral board exam. Preparation is the key to passing this exam and here are some ways to prepare yourself for this exam.

Know the Necessary Material

One of the first things you need to do to prepare for the police oral interview knowledge. You gain this knowledge with study and research. You will have to research the agency at which you plan to work. This will make all the difference in whether you get the job or not. You need to know what the agency does, what people are in command and the agency’s statistics if you plan to make the right impression and pass the police oral board.

Your Appearance

You need to make sure to look professional and do not wear any jewelry that is used in your piercings. A conservative, dark colored suit (navy blue or black) is the best solution. Men need a dress shirt and a tie and women need to dress in professional attire. Make sure your clothing is clean and pressed and that your shoes are shined and clean. Your hair, nails and dental hygiene needs to be handled well at your oral board exam.

Be Prompt

Be early instead of on time to your board exam. It shows you know how to prepare for any situation and it shows good management skills.

Proper Manners

The proper way to enter a room is with confidence, but not cockiness. Some of the things you can do to show you are not only eligible for the job, but capable and ready to do it. You need to make eye contact and speak directly to the group facilitator. Sound confident and stand tall. A good, hardy handshake makes a wonderful impression. You also want to be sure to sit up straight in your chair and plant your feet to be respectful and show confidence. Proper manners is important when you need to pass the police oral board.

Some other things to make sure to do for this exam is to use the proper titles of the officers at the oral board, avoid creating your own distractions by using certain slang or verbal cues like okay and um or physical distractions like nervously tapping your foot or any other nervous habit that can be distracting. Remember that all of these things are vital tips that can help you pass the police oral board.

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