7 Reasons to Start a High Profit Concrete Block Making Business

Making concrete blocks and other concrete products is a very profitable business. I can make this statement quite unequivocally since I was in this business most of my life. You may ask why making something as commonplace as cement blocks should be a great money maker. Well here are seven good reasons:

1. You can begin as a home based business. You can operate from your garage with no added costs. You can start out this way and when the business grows you can move to larger premises to accommodate your concrete block making machine and the drying racks for hundreds of concrete blocks.

2. You can start your concrete blocks business with hand made molds. You make these from plywood and sheet metal at very low cost. These molds are easy to make in your home workshop from available plans and instructions. Using hand molds one person can turn out 100 concrete blocks per day quite easily.

3. The demand for concrete blocks,and many other concrete products which you can make,never falters. They are a commodity which the building trades use to build all types of structure from tiny back yard projects to huge buildings. As long as building continues there will be a demand for your products.

4. Concrete blocks are not one day wonder widgets. Some items have a huge demand for a very limited period then fade from the scene. Think of the hula hoop or Rubik’s cube. Things like this are a short term craze which is quickly replaced by the next one. Concrete products however continue to be in demand year after year and the demand increases steadily.

5. When you start a home based business there is no big monetary risk. You can start with as little as a few hundred dollars. All you need is the plywood and sheet metal to build your hand molds and a supply of the basic materials for your concrete mix. These are Portland cement,gravel,sand and water. All of these can be obtained at your local building suopply store.

6. When you supply your products to buyers in your local area you have no high transportation costs. Concrete products are costly to transport from a distant maker because of their weight and size. You can supply home town customers at a very good price and make an excellent profit.

7. When your business grows to the point that you can no longer make enough blocks with hand molds you will need a concrete block machine. The only downside is that this is expensive. The machine will pay for it’s cost by increasing your production greatly. The alternative is to build your own low cost machine from auto parts and a few odds and ends. Can you build your own machine? Yes you very definitely can from plans with instructions which are readily available.

I could go on with many more reasons why you can do very well indeed in the concrete products manufacturing business. These seven reasons will paint the picture for you. Manufacturing concrete blocks and other concrete products is a profitable enterprise which you can start part time while you still hold a job. The risk is little and the rewards are great. Why not find out more about it?

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