7 Things your Customer want to Hear from You

Intro, Goal, Alignment, Trust.

Customers want: 1) Solutions to Problems, 2) How you can Satisfy their Needs, 3) How? Your Capabilities, 4) to get Personal, 5) ROI, 6) Feedback from your other Customers, 7) Communication & Help.

Intro. What do customers want to hear from CEO or Sales to make more sales for their businesses? See what you can do in this article – to improve your relationship with your customers and bring more customers into your business.

Goal. Do you, as an entrepreneur, want more sales? Who didn’t want more sales? More customers mean more sales. More sales mean more income and better profitability for your business. So, it would be best to learn what customers want to hear from you.

What? You have something to say and use it to attract customers to your company. But, is it the same that they want to hear from you? When you talk to them, do you help them? Are they satisfied with the whole relationship between them and your company?

Alignment. If you want more buyers, not any customers, but satisfied customers, – who would recommend you to other customers – you need to realign what you are saying with what they want to hear. This is not only talking about something that they want to hear but also doing what you talk about and delivering on your talking promises.

Trust. The most important thing you need to do is build trust. Here are six things your customer wants to hear from you.

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What do Your Customers want to Hear from You?

Your customers want to be part of something bigger than themselves, so they’ll be listening to what you have to say. Whether it’s the voice of a company brand or a message from the CEO, your customers want to hear what you’re saying and what your business stands for.

a) ID. The critical takeaway is to identify what your customer wants to hear from you, your business, and your brand. In short, it’s about being authentic & delivering what customers expect and want from a brand.

b) Brain-Storm. Let’s try to brain-storm some ideas about what your customers want to hear from you. After you read these things, you need to check them with your staff and make them real before you start to talk about them.

#1. Customers want to hear about Solutions to their Problems, not the features of your Products and/or Services.

Your Focus. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is focusing on the features of their products and/or services, not the problems they solve. People buy your products and services because they want to feel better, healthier, happier, smarter, safer, or more fulfilled. People don’t buy your products and services because they want to learn about the features or think they are better than the competitor’s products and/or services. So the answer to the question “What do customers want to learn about my products and/or services?” is to focus on the problems they want to solve and help them.

Solutions. There is a common misconception that customers care only about the features of your products and/or services, not the solutions to their problems. But that’s not true. In one research, they have found that almost 80% of people who buy are there to solve a specific problem.

Creatures of Features? Although your products and/or services have features that can solve customers’ problems, they don’t want to think and translate these features into possible solutions to their problems. Sometimes you have only several seconds to explain your offer. Why do you want to tell them insignificant features when you can help them better understand your offer to solve their problem/s?

#2. Customers want to Hear about their Needs and How they can satisfy them.

Specific Needs. Each of your customers has its own unique needs that differentiate from some other customer needs. They want to hear from you about how they can satisfy their personalized needs.

Your customers only want to hear about their needs and how you can satisfy them. They don’t want to hear about you. They want to hear about solutions. By understanding who your audience is, what they are looking for, and why you’re there, you can develop a marketing strategy to provide them with the information they need to understand, appreciate, & connect with you.

Why Buy from me? Customers want to feel a sense of need, so if you can show them why they should buy, they’ll be much more likely to choose you. To do that, you have to talk to them about how they will use the product, what they need it for, and how they will get satisfaction from it.

#3. Customers want to hear about the Help you & your Business can give them – Capability.

How can you help them? Is there anything else without connection with your business that can help them? (Competitors) Can you give them some quality advice about improvements in their business?

Personal Help. One thing is your help with your products and/or services, but another thing is your help on the personal level without buying and selling relations. If you can help them, tell them that you will help them and then help them. This can improve your own and your business’s reputation & credibility.

Care & Share. If the customers come to you for help, they expect you to give them some of your time & expertise. But they also want to know that you care about their problem and are willing to share your expertise with them. Customers want to feel valued, but they also want to feel respected. They want to know that you’re listening to them and willing to help them out.

Earning their Trust. Remember that customers don’t always trust your intentions. So, if they can’t see you, they can’t believe you care about their problem. They’re just going to assume that you’re selling them something, not that you care about them.

#4. They want to Hear from you as a Human, not as a Business.

Share. It shows you Care. Yes, you and your buyers are both human beings – first & foremost. You need to talk with them the same way you speak with everyone else in your personal life. You are a human being as an business wo/man. Also, you are a person with your problems, needs, knowledge, experience, etc. Share them with your customers, and they will share theirs with you. The knowledge that you will gain from this about them will be valuable to you & your company.

Understanding. When you show them your human side, they are likelier to be engaged, interested, and willing to share information about their needs. They don’t want to hear from you as a company or automated machine—they want to talk to someone who understands their needs & wants. They want to see that person and have a conversation with that person.

#5. Customers want to hear about their ROI when they Engage you.

ROI? Everyone who invests resources like money, time, or effort will want to know what they will get in return – ROI – Return on Investment. All of us know this is true, but sometimes we forget to mention it in our sales marketing process. But if you don’t tell them, they won’t know.

an Understanding. People are very rational creatures. And it’s true: people who purchase something want to understand why they are buying what they are buying. They don’t want to be sold a bill of goods and want to know what they’re getting into.

Justification. While urgency speaks to the desire to act immediately, ROI is concerned with the decision to spend money or not. When customers read about the benefits of purchasing your product, they’ll be more likely to buy if they feel that those benefits justify the costs associated with making the purchase.

Questions? Can you improve your customers’ lives & business to be better? Can you quickly deliver value to them to receive what they want from your products and/or services? How much time will they need to have a Return on the Investment (ROI) in your products and/or services? These are the questions that you need to answer for them.

#6. Share Testimony from other Customers.

Provide Evidence. Prospective Customers want to hear about other people you and your business have helped in the past. Another well-known psychology principle is social proof. People are generally more likely to trust & buy from a business they believe has experience helping others. If there are reviews, testimonials, & success stories about your products and/or services, customers will be more likely to buy from you. One of the easiest ways to build your business credibility is to show feedback from your customers through case studies, reviews, & testimonials.

Communicate your Credibility. The more people you and your business have helped in the past will bring more customers for your business in the future. You need to talk about other cutomers’ problems and the solution with which your business helps them to solve the problems. You need to communicate – to show the experience of your customers with your business, their satisfaction, & their opinion about you. The more powerful stories that will bring you an excellent reputation & credibility are stories from others, not yours.

Repeats & Referrals. Why share Customer’s experiences? Because when you help someone else solve a problem, they’re likely to come back to repeat and buy from you, and also to refer you to other potential customers. This is a big reason why repeat Customers & referrals are so crucial for businesses!!!

#7. When you Talk to Customers, think about these Questions in Mind

Look at your behavior in a situation when you talk with your Customers, but also think about the following questions:

  • How are you approaching them?
  • Besides asking about their Business, do you ask about their Personal Life to show you care?
  • Ask: “Are you having any Problems in your Business?
  • Share how you can help them – if you can – or make other recommendation s.
  • Do they have any Wants? Can you fulfill them or advise them on a Solution?
  • Ask them how your Products and/or Services are meeting their needs?
  • Ask if you can do anything better?
  • Listen to their Feedback and take appropriate action – if justified?
  • get Feedback on your actions?

Your Goal is to have as satisfied Customer that is loyal and give your repeat orders + refers you to other Customers.


This post is only an idea you can use to improve your experiences with current and potential Customers. Use them and brainstorm as many ideas as possible – with your Staff, Advisors and/or Mentor about different approaches that you can use. The feedback from them and your experience will tell you what you need to change to improve the whole process.

Comments: Do you know any other Things that Customers want?

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