All you need to know about Islamic Finance loans 

All You Need to Know About Islamic Finance - SoulWallet

Islamic finance is a type of financial activity that complies with Sharia (Islamic law). It also refers to the financial transactions that are allowed under the rules of Sharia. It is an alternative approach to conventional interest-based lending. Islamic finance promotes a more inclusive and socially responsible financial system.  

Principles of Islamic finance 

There are some basic principles that Islamic Finance loans adhere to: – 

1. Prohibition of interest (Riba) 

The base of Islamic finance loans is the prohibition of interest. Riba refers to exploitative interest charged on loans. Instead, Islamic finance promotes profit and risk-sharing arrangements. 

2. Risk sharing 

Islamic Loans Dubai encourages risk sharing between lenders and borrowers. There are two types of risk-sharing methods: – 

  • Mudarabah: – In this arrangement, the lender provides the fund and the borrower manages the business. 
  • Musharakah- It is a joint venture where both parties contribute capital, share profits, and bear losses in an agreed proportion. 

3. Asset-backed financing 

The funds are backed by tangible assets. This reduces the risk and ensures that the fund is protected by a real asset and based on a real economic transaction. The loans become less risky as there is an asset that backs the loan. 

4. Ethical and social responsibility 

Islamic finance loans in the UAE promote ethical and socially responsible practices. All the investments and financing comply with Islamic principles, excluding Industries such as gambling, alcohol, tobacco, and other industries that are harmful to society. It promotes social welfare, sustainability, and sound ethical practices in society.

5. Prohibition of Uncertainty (Gharar):

 Islamic finance discourages uncertainty in transactions. Islamic finance loans should have

  1. Clearly defined terms and conditions
  2.  Robust repayment structures 
  3.  High transparency 
  4.  Eliminate any element of uncertainty or undue risk.

6. Fairness and Justice (Adl and Qist)

 Justice and fairness are important parts of the Islamic finance loans. To practice justice Islamic loans make sure that the: –  

  1. The terms and conditions are made reasonable.
  2.  The rights and obligations of both parties are balanced.
  3.  The lender should not exploit the borrower. 
  4.  The borrowers are encouraged to repay their debts in a timely manner.

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