Behavioural Triggered Factors Every eCommerce Site Need To Consider

Russell M. Angelo

Every aspect of eCommerce site matters to them, from website speed, product displays to payment and product reviews when it is comes to buying. Studies on online behaviour revealed that every shopper’s attitude, intentions and preference vary with the situations. They have many shopping orientations regarding the convenience, choice of style, price, trustworthiness, etc. before they seal any deal. So, it is primarily essential for every retailer to consider all the behavioural triggered factors if they want to have an upfront online store that caters to all conditions of the buyers.

The following points explain what are those characteristics of an eCommerce website that influence the purchase behaviour of online customers.

Website design and usability

Visual appearance and user-friendliness of a site both decide whether a visitor to going to stay or will just stroll away. Clearly, a poorly presented site with dull outlook will turn them off. Similarly, complicated navigation can cause them to lose patience. So, retailers need to pay equal attention to the design as well as usability of the site.


Forced registration or sign-in cause many visitors to repel back, even after loading their carts with products because most find the process nagging, with too much information being asked to enter. While guest checkout is the best way to treat first-time visitors, optimising the mandatory registration process for repeat buys is quite useful.

Load time

Customers satisfaction drops by every second increase in the time to load a website. So, to make sure no visitors return to the search engine for other peer sites as your site doesn’t load quickly, optimise the website’s speed. Ideally, 4-5 seconds load time make them happy.


Not just the checkout, but payment options also matter to a great extent in the buying decision of the customers. It’s about trustworthiness. Many are not convinced not to buy at the transaction stage because there are no trust seals. Thus, retailers need to ensure that the checkout page bears trust badges, naming the payment gateway and also “Money Back Guarantee” badge can spark up the conversion rate expressively.

Live Chat

Who doesn’t need help while buying things online? Many times, visitors want to directly talk to the sales team to clear confusion about shipping policies, enquire about any product, ask for a refund or solve transaction issues if any arise so. Live chat helps them do so and studies on online shopping too revealed that Live Chat features boost repeat purchases.

Customer reviews

Online buyers are more calculative than in-store buyers. They go through reviews, ratings and feedbacks for any product from the early behaviours before finalising their order. So, make sure your site has a proper section in every product page where customers can drop in their ratings, opinions and experiences about a product.

All said and done, if you want to step into the online market and survive with head held high, then you need to follow what their hearts want. These are the most crucial influencing factors in the eCommerce site that can make or break the buying decision of the visitors. So, you need to incorporate them right when it comes to building your own shopping site.

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