Detroit steakhouse won’t welcome patrons who smell like pot

(WWJ) Some customers at one of Detroit’s fancier restaurants have been called out for causing a stink.

Downtown Detroit’s Caucus Club posted a notice on their Facebook page this week reminding patrons that business casual attire is required. Management of the steakhouse wrote in black and white: “Seriously people, hoodies and jerseys are not business attire. Neither are ball caps and sneakers” — adding that strong odors are also unacceptable.

“Most importantly, if you smell like marijuana don’t even think of stepping inside the Caucus Club,” the post continued.

The Caucus Club — located along W. Congress Street near Detroit’s financial district — was founded in 1952 as the sister restaurant to The London Chop House, which in its heyday was regarded as one of the best restaurants in the United States.

The message from the Caucus Club, shared on Tuesday, has garnered hundreds of replies; a majority of them supportive.

Karie Fay weighed in: “What is wrong with people wanting to push their nasty ways on people , nobody wants to smell anybody’s stench, it really shouldn’t be a debate. Common sense and manners are seriously fading fast.”

Monica Cooper agreed, commenting “Some people don’t use to anything good so I don’t blame him, if I am going to spend high class money I don’t want to smell or see anything disgusting, stay home if you can’t clean yourself up.

Corey Densmore, however, seemed to think the rules were a bit strict under the circumstances, replying: “Weird flex to turn away customers after a year of decreased capacity and I imagine a drastic loss of revenue.”

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