Do Solar Farms Affect Property Values?

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The demand for solar power is increasing and one of the biggest questions is: Do solar farms affect property values? So find out if solar panels affect neighbors’ property values. Most residents are now shifting to solar power as a source of energy, and it has positive benefits. However, there is some hearsay that solar farms can affect neighboring resident’s property value. 

Do Solar Panels Decrease Neighbors Property Values?

As per research by the institution involved in this issue, there is even a negative impact on the neighboring properties. Through a combination of geospatial analysis and survey on residential property assessors, researchers are able to conclude the effect of solar farms on property values. These analysis and surveys are done to be able to determine if the area is suitable for solar farm development. Solar farms are also governed by requirements for putting them up in an area.

Land Area 

A solar farm needs at least 4 to 7 acres of land. The area is open to sunlight and having more sunny days can generate more solar power. That’s why they need a large area to generate more power. Therefore, most solar farms are located away from the city, since most areas that are large are located on the outskirts or in rural areas. 

Flat Area

For flat areas, it will be easier to install equipment that will be used in building a solar farm. It should also be free from trees and rocks, so it can not hinder the collection of radiant from the sun. Inspection and analysis are done before building a solar farm to make sure that the area is suitable as well as away from residences to avoid issues. 


Most solar panels are built away from residences since some people are afraid that they might put themselves in danger. However, there are no noted dangers that a solar farm can cause to people living near the solar farm. There is a certain distance required for a solar farm from residential areas. 

Free of Noise 

Solar farms are not like factories that operate large machines and create noise pollution. Most solar farms have no employees on-site and the place is most of the time quiet. Solar farms have inverters. They only make slight buzzing sounds and no other annoying sounds. 

Glare Issue 

Some say that solar panels produce glare and can distract people living near the solar farm. Solara panels are covered with non-reflective glass, so they won’t produce glare that can be distracting to people living near the solar farm. 

Can Neighbors Complain About Solar Panels?

Issues with neighbors are hard to avoid sometimes, but compromises can always be made. Solar panels can indeed give benefits to owners, but how about their neighbors? To avoid this, there are restrictions such as:

  • Accomplishing paperwork to abide by your home association rules, if you have regarding solar panel installation. Some residents have home associations where rules are made, and each resident should follow them. One of the stated rules is connected with solar panel installation. So before one decides to have a solar panel installation, they should check their homeowners’ association rules first. 
  • Trees blocking your solar panel can lower its efficiency. If you have neighbors who have tall trees, you can ask them to trim them down since there is what we call a solar shade control act. 
  • Compromises are made between neighbors with the assistance of an authorized person, everything can be written in a black and white agreement. There will always be a way to solve issues. 

Going back to the question of do solar farms affect property values? So far as of now, it doesn’t affect property values negatively. Solar farms continue to be built to give positive benefits instead. Solar companies also make sure that the nearest residents will not be harmed and troubled once they build solar farms. That’s why analysis, surveys, and on-site inspection are done to be able to make sure that they will not cause any annoyance to the neighboring place where the solar farm will be built. As a resident, doing some research on the matter can be helpful to lessen our worries and be able to understand how solar farms operate.

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