Essentials Of A Good Ecommerce Software

Every eCommerce venture begins with a few essentials like choosing the right eCommerce software that allows you to choose the right domain name, the right shopping cart and the right product features. Many a times the only factor that determines a good eCommerce website from a bad one is the design itself. Here are a few things that are quintessential of a good eCommerce web design.

The first and foremost thing that differentiates a good eCommerce website from a bad one is the features. Common features include user and search engine friendliness, options for multiple languages; allowing multiple currencies, display of unlimited products, better customization options etc. These features allow us to set the site up and running, to maintain the site without a hitch, and even maximize selling potential by making your site social media and search engine friendly. The eCommerce website should have features that would scale for many years to come.

Just as it’s important for the eCommerce web design to be easy to set up, it should also be easy to use. Creating, maintaining and updates of records should be easy and customizable. An eCommerce website that is intuitive and easy to navigate is an important hallmark of a good website.

With instances of online fraud on the increase, it is important that the website should offer security features. Providing a safe and secure payment mode, allowing for the CW2 code are all features of good eCommerce software.

Support is an important feature for any eCommerce website. 24 hour support is very essential. Unlike other sites, outage can spell disaster for eCommerce sites, thus timely help is of utmost importance. Other features includes, shopping cart, payment gateway integration, credit card processing etc.

Common free eCommerce software, include Magento, osCommerce, OpenCart etc. These come with their advantages and disadvantages, but are nevertheless used by many online stores. And if you’re looking for an open source eCommerce solution, nopCommerce is also an option. The shopping cart is fully customizable and of great use. The nopCommerce is based on ASP.NET 4.0 and comes with an MS SQL 2005 backend database.

Commercial eCommerce software need not necessarily be superior to free and open source platforms. In fact there are several open source platforms that are better when compared to commercial eCommerce software. It’s best to leave the choice of deciding the best eCommerce solution to an eCommerce solution provider.

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