Home Based Bookkeeping Jobs – Why Small Businesses Hire Me Like Crazy For Freelance Bookkeeping Jobs

So how hard is it to have a successful bookkeeping business from your home?

It is simple really.

Most small business owners cannot afford a full time accountant and they really don’t need one. Many of them simply need a bookkeeper to keep track of their day to day operations so they can tell where they are financially and stay out of trouble with the IRS.

My clients drop off their receipts, their sales and income records, their bank statements and bank register (which lists deposits, withdrawals, checks, etc) at my home office. Then I organize the information into monthly statements and information for yearly tax requirements. The monthly reports explain to my clients how healthy their businesses are functioning so they can make decisions to improve their bottom lines and become more profitable.

Many of my clients needed my services for 5-15 hours per month. When I first started my business, it only took 5 clients for me to be able to replace my full time job income and transition to working from the comfort of my home.

Bottom line – there is great demand for home based small business bookkeepers. The business owners want to focus on their business – not on their darn bookkeeping. And because all small business must have organized records to be able to file their taxes every year – they need us!

There are so many small businesses out there that need bookkeeping help – the field is wide open for freelance bookkeepers who want to work from home.

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