Sexy High Heels – Shoes That Make a Statement

Sexy High Heels have been around for ages and women continue to buy them for all sorts of occasions. Almost from the first formal occasion a girl attends the issue of her shoes and what is age appropriate begins. High heels are available in heel heights ranging from three inches up to five inches and then you enter the area of fetish heels which means heels of six inches which rarely see the light of day. The sheer size of the women’s shoe industry attests to many women’s desire to own and wear new styles of shoes on a regular basis.

What should you look for when buying sexy high heels? First of all consider the heel height and what you are going to be wearing the shoes for. Women who are on the short side may be purchasing the shoes not so much because they are comfortable but they simply want to be taller and a pair of flats or kitty heels won’t work for that purpose. When buying sexy high heels you need to consider how long you are going to be on your feet. If you work at a desk job, wear business attire all day and the extent of your walking consists of walking to the copier and back then four inch heels are perfect. If you work at a department store and are on the sales floor all day long then four inch heels won’t work well. One suggestion is to buy a closed toe shoe with a two and at most three inch heel that will look great with slacks giving you a polished look without the discomfort of wearing high heels all day long.

Try a pair of wedges that have a bit of a platform and will give you some height and the platform makes up for the severe angle of high heels yet giving you the height you desire. Many women shy away from platforms although if you look through their closets you will find that many shoes are platform shoes albeit one or two inch platforms. Platforms are great for giving you height and reducing the cause of much foot and leg pain after wearing high heels. Part of the reason you have sore feet is your ankle is distorted in a pair of four or five inch heels as the single sole high heels have a wafer thin sole while the heel is providing all of the height. Platforms add height in the sole reducing the angle your foot rests at and makes the shoe more comfortable, like wedges and other platform type shoes. Many women mistakenly think platform shoes are only those stripper shoes that have the three, four and five inch platforms that make you look like a stripper when you wear them.

Don’t neglect to add some of the cushion insoles to your shoes for comfort as being comfortable in your shoes can make your day. They are inexpensive, disposable and I don’t understand why every woman doesn’t have some in every pair of shoes she wears. Probably habit or just a failure to try the product but once you do you will probably be a believer. Needless to say be sure that the shoes you buy are in fact your size. Perhaps vanity prevents us from understanding that the size of our feet is of no consequence and our shoes need to fit properly. Many women are wearing shoes that are too small for them as they neglected to try on a larger size at the time of purchase. Always ask to try on a larger size just for comparison. The sales person won’t have a problem with you making sure the shoes you buy are the right size. Just because you think you are a size 7, you may not be in the designer shoes you are buying and your feet will pay for it.

When buying shoes don’t trust for a moment how the shoes look on the displays, try them on and try on shoes you don’t think you will like from time to time and see if you don’t surprise yourself. You lose nothing when you try on a pair of shoes and if it turns out you didn’t like the way they looked send them back. Try on a pair of really high heels just to see how they look and feel. Go outside your comfort zone and be adventurous. Express yourself in the shoes you wear and don’t be afraid to make a mistake unless of course you are buying $900.00 shoes and they are not returnable.

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