The Timeless Elegance Of Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

There are several shapes of diamonds that people are crazy about and one of these is the emerald cut. Emerald cut engagement rings have a story to tell, from the past up to the present, that makes the timeless elegance of emerald cut engagement rings. Celebrities have been proposing using an emerald cut diamond to their partners.  This started way back in 1956, when Grace Kelly received a stunning emerald cut engagement ring from Prince  Rainier of Monaco. The ring has an emerald cut diamond as a center stone plus a tapered baguette diamond set in a platinum ring. If you want a ring similar to this, custom emerald cut engagement rings are possible to make with an advanced and modern way of creating different types of engagement rings. 

Why Do Celebrities Like the Emerald Cut?

The engagement ring of Grace Kelly has become the most influential diamond engagement ring of all time. More and more celebrities have started receiving emerald cut diamonds as engagement rings from their partners.  In 1970, Frank Sinatra, the legendary singer, proposed to Barbara Marx by tossing two diamond rings on their bed and asking her to choose one. Barbara chooses the one with an emerald cut at 20.60 carats and flanked with trilliant side diamonds. 

Are Emerald Cut Diamonds Timeless?

Yes indeed, as decades pass, celebrities and non – celebrities are still going crazy over emerald cut diamond engagement rings. Beyonce received one in 2011 and in 2019, Jennifer Lopez got one too. The emerald cut has been popular a long time ago, from 1956 up to the present time. 

What Is the Emerald Cut?

The Emerald cut is characterized by an elongated rectangular shape with cut corners. It has rectangular facets that look like stairs or steps, which makes them unique from other cuts and makes them have more brilliance. Emerald cuts have 58 facets.

What To Look For In An Emerald Cut Diamonds?

Just any diamond, the quality should be intensively checked, which includes:


The large tablet and step cut of the emerald cut makes it retain more color. That’s why choosing the most colorless shade will be the best option. This means it can retain more color when, using colorless diamonds, will make the sparkle white and radiant. 


Having inclusions on the tablet can be obvious, so VS2 is a good choice to avoid having visible inclusions on the pavilion and crown. Tools for checking the highlighted clarity of the diamond are best   for checking inclusions. To make sure that the table is clear from inclusions, since it is the biggest part of the emerald cut this is the part highlighted on the ring. 

Length to Width Ratio 

1.30 to 1.60 is the range of length to width ratio  for emerald cut. But you can request other dimensions if you want a wider and longer cut. 

Do Emerald Diamonds Sparkle?

The brilliance of an emerald cut is not as sparkly as the other cut, but it has its own elegant look. Emerald cuts may not be sparkly, but a large table can make it  look as attractive as the other diamond cuts. 

Is An Emerald Cut Diamond More Expensive?

All diamonds are literally expensive, but emerald cuts are more affordable than round diamonds due to lower demand and higher yield on cutting. Getting an emerald cut at a higher carat is possible since it is cheaper, which means you can get a bigger size when you opt for an emerald cut diamond as your center stone. 

The timeless elegance of emerald cut engagement rings never fades. Whether celebrities or not, women always want something unique in their engagement ring. Getting an emerald cut diamond can be a good choice to have a unique center stone and something that can be attractive. The shape of the emerald cut makes it look larger. That’s why it is noticeable when worn. When in regards to the budget you will be spending in an emerald cut ring, it can be more affordable compared with other cuts.Therefore you can be able to customize it more to become more personalized for your partner. Opt for an emerald cut diamond and nothing can go wrong with your choice.

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