What to Wear With Your Linen Tops – Some Important Pairing Tips

Russell M. Angelo

The best thing about men’s linen pants is the fact that it’s a wear-anywhere, anytime piece of clothing. It can suit any occasion-or no occasion at all-depending on what you wear with it and what the cut is. For example, a pair of drawstring pants can be part of your summer ensemble, while a pair of trouser-style pants will go well with your three-piece business attire. Here are a few tips to help you sort out your pairs of men’s pants and the perfect tops to go with them.

Tip No. 1: Go light. Linen pants go well with light tops like cotton and other cotton blends. Try on a tee, a polo shirt or a jacket and see which one feels more comfortable and looks fashionable. The secret is to keep to cotton-made tops that are light. Also strive for contrast, such as a drawstring, casual pair with a more structured top, and casual tops with tailored linen pants. For inspiration, take a look at catalogs, magazines, and fashion shows.

Tip No. 2: Try silk. Silk is a great material, if only for the fact that it’s possible to look casual or sophisticated in it, depending on what type of silk you are wearing. It is also perfect with a pair of men’s linen pants, as long as you stick with the lightweight variations like silk noil, shantung or tussah. A word of caution: avoid pairing linen pants with heavy silk materials like chiffon, cahrmeuse or douppioni unless you are going to an evening function or a black-tie occasion.

Tip No. 3: Theme up! Go nautical or tropical, or any other theme that you feel like wearing. Got a nice pair of white pants? Wear it with a navy-colored top or a printed, silk top with bright and big flowers.

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