Estee: A Success Story by Estee Lauder

This article discusses seven reasons to read Estee: A Story of Success by Estee Lauder. You’re guaranteed to walk away refreshed. Take a peek. 7 Benefits 1. You discover what made her tick. Ms. Lauder followed her dream full steam ahead. She trusted her instincts and they were spot on. […]

R2B Sales Tips (Retail to Business Sales)

Retail to Business (R2B) has become a major buzz word in today’s corporate world. R2B simply means acquiring business customers from a Retail location, and, when stated that quickly it sounds very easy. Unfortunately, the truth is very few organizations seem able to provide their Retail staff with either the […]

71 Ways For A Writer To Make Money

There are so many ways for writers to make good money by writing Some people love to write, even as a hobby. You can turn your writing skills into income. Here are a brief list for your reference. GENERAL WRITING: 1. Copywriting for television commercials 2. Copywriting for radio commercials […]