Pamplin Media Group – Suited for success

From college students to retirees, women looking to enter or rejoin the workforce are finding ways to put a best foot forward thanks to Dress for Success Oregon U.S Vice President Kamala Harris calls it a “national emergency.” Since early 2020 when the pandemic began rocking the country’s economy, far […]

Has the time come for business-only courts in Texas?

For two decades, Texas company executives have talked over producing their possess justice procedure – company courts staffed with seasoned judges who have deep practical experience managing elaborate professional disputes, from agreement disputes to shareholder lawsuits. The court would be modeled following the Delaware Chancery Court, whose specialization and abilities […]

Dress properly, don’t smell like pot

If you’ve gotten a minor more everyday or slobbish throughout the pandemic, test to get cleaned up just before eating out. That is what the operator of downtown Detroit’s Caucus Club is declaring to diners. The fantastic dining cafe has taken to Facebook with a concept for its attendees. The […]