Dress Code for a Cocktail Party: Important Things to Bear in Mind

Russell M. Angelo

Cocktail parties are common nowadays. These parties provide a reason for people to drink and have some fun. People put on informal dresses for these parties and develop better relationships with their friends and colleagues. They sit together for a nice chat to get rid of stress. If you have no idea what type of dress to choose for this party, you should read on.

As a general rule, you can wear a suit with a tie. Based on the season and occasion, the color of the suit and fabric type can vary. If you are a woman, you can put on a cocktail party dress, and your makeup should go well with your dress and the season.

The style of the dress you choose is based on a number of factors. The first thing you should pay attention to is the means of invitation. This means if you got the invitation through a telephone call or e-mail, then you should go for a less formal dress. But if you get an invitation card through mail, you should be ready to put on a rather formal dress. The time of the party should also be taken into account to figure out the type of fabric. Go for a fabric of dark color if the party is going to be held in fall or winter. On the other hand, light colored fabrics should be preferred in summer.

For men, a blazer or coat with a tie is a good choice. For women, skirts that are knee length with a blouse are ideal, especially if the invitation was sent through an email or a telephone call. If the party is going to be formal, you should buy and wear a business suit because you will be dealing with clients and other business personnel. On the other hand, if the party is of informal nature, go for wool skirts along with embroidered cardigan, especially if it is winter. For summer season, spaghetti outfits are most recommended.

Needless to say first impression carries a lot of importance. And people nowadays tend to judge others from their outfits because outfits are the first thing they look at. So, if you want to make a good impression on your colleagues at a cocktail party, make sure you follow the proper dress code instructions. It is also a great idea to contact the host of the party for dress code instructions.

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