How a Criminal Defense Attorney Protects Constitutional Rights

Russell M. Angelo
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Being charged with a crime can be overwhelming and stressful. Whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, it can jeopardize your freedom, reputation and future.

A criminal defense attorney can help you at every stage of the legal process from arraignments and pretrial hearings through trial. They will fight to protect your Constitutional rights and formulate a strong defense for your case.

Legal Representation

A DC criminal defense attorney will work to protect the Constitutional rights of a client at every phase in the criminal justice system, including arraignments and trial. They will also investigate the case, interview witnesses, do legal research, and build a defense strategy.

An experienced attorney could also weaken the prosecutor’s case long before a trial begins. For example, a criminal defense lawyer may question how police obtained evidence, such as forensic records or character witnesses. They may also examine the legality of the interrogation process to ensure that a defendant’s constitutional rights were not violated.

Individuals with low incomes can meet one-on-one with an attorney at the DC Bar Pro Bono Center Advice & Referral Clinic for free legal representation on civil matters that are governed by DC law. They can receive assistance with landlord-tenant disputes, small claims and consumer cases, as well as domestic violence, child custody and civil protection orders cases. They can also get assistance with social security, unemployment and public benefits.

Preparation for Trial

As trial approaches, an attorney will compile extensive amounts of material. This includes arranging expert witnesses and obtaining visual evidence. They will also prepare a list of all possible questions for each witness and corresponding exhibits. They will work to bolster their client’s case by filing pre-trial motions.

When someone appears in court, judges and juries are judging their credibility. A person wants to make a good impression on the judge and jury so they may feel more inclined to believe their version of events. They can help to do this by dressing appropriately and grooming themselves.

A DC criminal defense attorney works to protect their client’s constitutional rights from the beginning of an investigation. They can prevent illegal searches and seizures during the initial phases of a police investigation, as well as file pre-trial motions to weaken the prosecutor’s case in advance of trial. They will also ensure that the client is ready to go to trial by ensuring they attend all necessary status hearings.

Preventing Illegal Searches and Seizures

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures on their property. A qualified lawyer could work to prevent illegal searches by challenging the evidence collected by police. This may cause key evidence to be excluded from a trial, weakening the prosecutor’s case.

An experienced criminal defense attorney could also defend you against drug charges, white-collar crimes including fraud and embezzlement, child pornography, weapons offenses, and more. A DC criminal attorney could negotiate with the government to reduce your charges in exchange for community service, drug treatment, or another form of rehabilitation.

If you’re charged with a federal crime, it’s important to hire a DC Criminal Defense Attorney with experience fighting for your rights. Federal cases are typically more complex and involve a larger volume of evidence. A responsive attorney would help you navigate every step of the case, from arraignment to pretrial hearings and even a trial. This will ensure that your constitutional rights are protected.

Defending Your Rights

While any legal matter can have life-altering consequences, a criminal case can be particularly severe. Criminal convictions can lead to prison sentences, loss of employment, the destruction of one’s reputation, hefty fines, and more.

When facing criminal charges, you need an experienced and aggressive DC Criminal Defense Attorney by your side. Criminal lawyers will work to protect your rights and freedom by investigating the government’s evidence, examining witnesses, filing legal motions, and representing their client at every step of the justice process.

Federal prosecutions are more complicated than state charges. A DC Federal Criminal Lawyer can explain the federal grand jury process and help you respond if you are indicted. They can also negotiate a plea bargain or defend you in trial, where they will work to reduce your penalties. They can even try to have your charges dismissed completely. They are ready to defend you against any criminal offense. Call now to schedule an appointment.

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