Important Tips To Create Your Video Resume

We are facing a situation where it is getting more challenging to land a job interview and it is crucial to create more exposure to differentiate yourself from the rest of the noisy job-market.

How can this be achieved?

Here comes the video resume which allows you to essentially put across important bits of your typed resume in a short video. The hope is that the recruiter will be instantly impressed and grant you the interview opportunities.

Here are more tips for you as you make your first.

Tight Budget

Many first-time job-seekers may be on a very tight budget and this means that getting the video resume created by a professional company is definitely out of the question. But do not worry.

You can get students in audio-visual courses to design and record for you as their project and in return, you can also put their names and contact numbers at the end of it to serve as accreditation. This makes a very good win-win situation.

Keep It Within A Minute

The Video Resume should be around a minute because if it is too long, the recruiter may be lost about the main message.

Write A Script

Unless you are very experienced or am an established Video Blogger, you should spend some time writing and editing a script. Practice makes perfect. Do check for grammatical mistakes and ensure that the script is kept clear and not drown the viewer with too much information.

Memorise The Script

It will look more compelling to memorise the script as it comes across as more natural and believable. Keeping to a script will also ensure that you are able to meet the time constraints.

Formal Clothing

Remember to be respectful to the recruiter and be dressed in formal corporate attire. You are sending an important message that you are a team player and are able to be dressed to put the company in a good light.


Remember to put some subtitles so that the recruiter can remember on the key-words like “initiative”, “experienced”, “team-player” and “hardworking”. To further make a deeper impact, ensure that these key-words are coloured and have some form of animation.


Many Video Resumes that I happen to view on YouTube have rather imposing background music. It is quite sad that the music does not gel with the content. Another flip side is that the music may muffle what you want to communicate with the recruiter and the whole idea of creating a video resume will be lost.


The jury is out about uploading your video resume on YouTube. I have seen perfectly good video resumes that have very unfair and negative comments on YouTube. These comments are not constructive and can even distract the recruiter. Thus it is good advice to disable the comment page if you upload your Video Resume on YouTube.

Your Referees

You should make an effort to include your referees in the video resume with short bites of them telling the recruiter about your strengths. This will send a strong message to your recruiter that you are really serious about wanting to ace the job and there are people who can vouch for your abilities. Do remember to put the names and the contact number of your referees in it.

Mobile Platform

As it is becoming very common for recruiters to use their mobile devices to view your video resume, do remember not to include too much information or it will look like a big mess. Then the impact of creating it will not be felt.

Best wishes for creating your Video Resume.

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