Legitimate Work From Home Opportunity – What to Look For

The way that the world does business is changing every day. More and more companies are looking for ways to save money in these troubled economic times, as well as sways to save the planet during the ever-growing green awareness movement. Downsizing, outsourcing and other issues have left many people unemployed and looking for work in a job market that simply no longer exists. For them, a viable alternative may be to find a new line of work. Looking for a legitimate work from home opportunity is not just being done by the bored, stay at home parent anymore, it has become rather a real means of finding support for the family. However, there are many scams that prey on the endlessly hopeful and hopelessly gullible. Knowing what to look for in a real, legitimate work from home opportunity and how to spot a scam is your first and most important lesson to learn.

A legitimate work from home opportunity does not promise or guarantee a set amount of money from your first day. You will not become rich overnight. You will not do ten minutes of work and earn a thousand dollars. Keep reading those emails that promise these things until you get to the bottom where they want you to sign up so that you can “get started right away”. What they will not add until they have you that far on the hook is the huge fee that you have to pay. And they never mention that you have to complete their training course as well. They also never mention that although they have listed a number of “big name” clients, those cash cows are not on the auction block, so to speak, and you will not be making the money you were reading about.

You will not be pressured with a legitimate work from home opportunity. You will not have salesmen calling you every day bombarding you with different offers. You will not log on to find a veritable landslide of emails and spam that demand to know why you have not taken action on this offer. A legitimate work from home opportunity does not expire at midnight, or by noon the next day. (And neither do the spam opportunities for that matter because if you show up at the site, credit card in hand beyond the “expiration” date, you will be able to sign up.)

A legitimate work from home opportunity will not demand to know your credit card number or ask for information beyond what you would give any other employer. Depending on the type of work you eventually end up doing, you may only have to give very basic information indeed. For instance, a freelance writer may only give out their name and email address to their clients. As an independent provider, the writer would be responsible for filing and paying income taxes, etc. For other jobs however, more information, such as home address, telephone number and tax payer id number may be required.

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