Supercharge Your Ecommerce Store With Magento Extensions

Russell M. Angelo

Magento is a popular ecommerce platform that is used by most business organizations and enterprises for its varied and out of the box features. According to facts, there are about more than 1,50,000 Magento stores all over the globe and this framework is used by start-up companies as well as established brands. To make the ecommerce application even stronger, Magento developers customize the application and integrate various modules to enhance functionality of the app. But what are the most important extensions that you should consider.

In this article, we will cover a few important Magento extensions that can enhance your online store.

Fontis Secure Pay: Security plays a great role in ecommerce applications and online transactions are what customers are very concerned about. Any customer will not be willing to share his or her personal details or spend some more money on shopping from an ecommerce website. The site, in fact has to assure that the online transactions are done through highly secured environment. For this, Fontis SecurePay Plugin for Magento is an ideal solution that helps to complete online financial transactions in a secure manner with the help of SecureXML gateway.

Shipworks: Every business owner wants to capture the market by offering great services to the customers. But delivering the right product at the right time requires a lot of efforts. Shipping often becomes a big issue for online business owners, but to make the task easier, you can ask your dedicated Magento programmer to integrate Shipworks, which is a great plugin that offers great functionalities like labels creating, updating orders, sending emails to customers and etc.

Price Bargaining: People opt for online shopping simply to save their time and money. Price Bargaining is an important extension that a Magento ecommerce development company can integrate to your existing application so that the customers can get the best possible price either by comparing or by bargaining. The extension makes sure that the customers stick to the services or products once they are happy with the good bargain.

Daily Deal: Up selling is very important for your growing business and this marketing technique can be infused into your business by integrating the Daily Deal extension. The module helps to allure the customers through the daily deal concept and this can prove to be a great revenue enhancer. People who are looking for discounted price can be highly satisfied.

Yotpo Product Reviews: This extension is the most widely used because of its amazing functionality. Before making a purchase from any online website, customers usually prefer to evaluate reviews or feedbacks about the product over the web. Yotpo Product Reviews allows them to evaluate the items on your shopping website instead of searching it somewhere else where the customers can move away from your store. Positive reviews about the product help to drive more customers and increase business revenues.

So in short, if you are planning to create a Magento website for your business or already have an existing one, ask your Magento developers to include great extensions for support, freedom, resources and versatility.

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