The Do’s and Dont’s For a Rookie High-Risk Investor

The No. 1 mistake rookie investors make — and how to avoid it - MarketWatch

If you are new to investing, you need to get yourself informed to ensure that you make the right decisions and avoid getting your fingers burnt even at the first trial. As a beginner, there are many things on your mind, you may be wondering what and where to invest in, and also you may have a problem with the emotional factor. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s Cryptocurrencies, Hedge Funds, Real Estates, or Stocks, all of them are assets purchasing. Most beginners make the mistake of buying assets at the zenith of its trend and then sell out when it hits the rocks. These are investment tips to follow:

The Do’s For a Rookie Investor

  1. Research Extensively Before You Invest

Before you put your cash into any investment, you should do thorough research on that particular investment. For instance, before you pool your resources with an investment company, ensure you have researched about them to avoid the loss of your hard-earned resources.

  1. Get a Financial Advisor

As a beginner, one thing you shouldn’t hesitate to spend your money on is getting a financial advisor as this will help to get expert and professional advice on any issue.

  1. Have Cash Savings 

As someone new in the high-risk investment space, you need to have cash savings to cater to your immediate needs and the needs of your dependents. You need to understand that sometimes, it is best to invest the monies you would not be in the short term in long-term investment vehicles. 

  1. Have Diverse Portfolio

Don’t invest in one particular stock, put your money into different investments and grow your portfolio with time.

Dont’s For a Rookie Investor

  1. Don’t Invest with Money You can’t Afford To Lose :

It’s always a good idea to invest with your spare money as your investment may grow to lose. Do not put your money in high-risk investment vehicles when you know you can’t afford to lose even one dollar of your investment.

  1. Don’t Let Emotions Control How You Invest :

So many people have made a very huge mistake investing when they are angry or too happy. As a beginner, don’t let your emotions control you when it comes to choosing what and where to invest as it may lead to loss instead of profits.

  1. Don’t Go For Shortcuts :

As a beginner, don’t go for any shortcuts as it may be tricky and too complex for you to comprehend. There is a popular belief that most shortcuts lead to loss of money and resources, so it’s advisable to follow the normal pattern of investing.

  1. Don’t  Give Up At The First Go :

Because your first investment ended in loss doesn’t mean you should give up, after all, a skilled captain doesn’t sail on a calm sea. For instance, assuming you invested in a cryptocurrency and then you didn’t get any profit, it doesn’t mean that you should give up. So as a beginner, understand that you mustn’t give up when your first investment didn’t do well.


Although investing may seem like a complex issue or a hard thing to go into as a beginner, but you should understand that you need to apply certain rules to succeed in the investment space. Don’t invest with your emotion, get a financial advisor, don’t go for shortcuts, etc. When you apply all these, your journey will not be a difficult one again.

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