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Website design is essential to creating a professional online presence for your business. It allows you to create pages and websites. If you are new to the field of website design, you may face some challenges associated with communication. 

Let’s say you opt for an Australian domain host to host your new website. However, while designing your website, if you do not have adequate knowledge about important web design terminology, you will not be able to design your website correctly. This will limit your chances of having a successful website. 

Therefore, you must know and understand all the terms of web design before delving into web design. Continue reading to learn about some important website design terms. 

Website Design Terminology You Should Know About 


It is also known as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX consists of techniques mainly used to create interactive and fast web applications. In the absence of AJAX, your website must be reloaded in the browser every time a page requires updating or a website is required to communicate with the server. 

With AJAX, web designers can build websites that do not require users to click the refresh button. Below are some instances of AJAX in action.

  • Map websites like Google Maps add more details as the user zooms in.
  • An email client that promptly notifies users when they receive a new email.
  • Live news feed with automatic updates in real-time.


CSS is referred to as Cascading Style sheets. It is used to define styles and themes on a website. The main purpose of CSS is to separate the content from the presentation. CSS can be used to set margin sizes, image properties, fonts, text alignment, headers, and colours. 

With CSS, you are not required to style each element of your web page separately. This is because CSS allows you to set up global rules that can be applied across the entire website. 


It is also known as a Content Management System (CMA). CMA is a software application that allows users to manage website content. In several cases, CMS will enable non-experts without a background in web design to build professional websites. 

To work with a CMS, you do not really need to have expertise in programming languages such as CCS and HTML. Typically, a CMS consists of two components: CDA (Content Delivery Application) and CMA (Content Management Application).

Common Types Of Files

With the help of file extension, you can differentiate files. By looking at the extension, you can figure out how to access and use a specific file type. Below are some common types of files used in web designing.

  • .psd: It is in Adobe Photoshop file format. This file type is used to work with images.
  • .png: This is also known as Portable Network Graphics. An image in PNG format has a transparent background. However, PNG does not support animations like GIFs.
  • .ai: This file type is used for Adobe Illustrator. Its best feature is that it can be resized to an infinite size, and no data is lost during this process. 

To Wrap It Up 

Several other important web design terms include Backlinks, Cache, Input Field, White space, Lorem Ipsum, Fixed width layout and more. 

A basic understanding of all these terms will help you achieve your website expectations.  Therefore, before venturing into the web design world, you must familiarise yourself with the terms mentioned above. 

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