Ways to attract new customers in a retail business.

10 Great Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Small Business

Over the years, with the invention of technology in the business world, e-commerce, and online shopping, have become modern technologies that people have adapted to do their shopping. There has been competition between retail stores and online shops such as Amazon, and Jumia, which have proven to be doing well. However, according to the latest research, offline sales are ten times more huge than online sales. Shopping online is very convenient, though there are a few specific things that the stores online can’t deliver, one of them being the physical touch one experiences when shopping offline. Most of this is a result of the fact people want to feel and see the products they want before buying them, and this is not possible through a computer screen or a phone. Other factors that make retail stores prevail are that most consumers don’t like paying for shipping fees, others don’t like waiting for their products, and others feel the return product process is complex if shopping online. Thus, with the above concerns, one can maximize providing a beautiful and unmatchable in-store experience, enabling customer retention and loyalty and attracting new customers to the business.
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1. Offering new customers promotions and discounts.
Consumers look for reasonable offers and value for their money. Offering introductory discounts or deals like gift-wrapping or buy 2-get-1, giving half-price for the first things they buy, will attract customers to your premise. It will also bring in new clients who want to do business with you. Then,  keep a record of what they buy and the offers of their choice so you can target them in a better way in the future.
2. Networking.
When you meet new people, please introduce yourself and inform them who you are and what you do. It is among the best approaches to creating brand awareness. Join trade associations and networking groups, and attend Meetup gatherings. Going to networking events might be an excellent networking opportunity if you own a local business. Approach networking with the mindset of providing solutions rather than benefitting from a crisis.
3. Leveraging on what you have.
If you already have a store, you have several assets to sell yourself. They include your displays, windows, outdoor space, and everything inside your store. Put up window displays or, at the absolute least, posters and fliers advertising what you provide or current deals. You might be able to display some marketing materials outside, depending on how much space you have and the permits available in your area.
4. Focus on your employees.
Endervour to make your employees happy. They will likely carry your brand to other customers in this way. Engage with your staff as a person. It will enable you t understand the employee’s needs more effectively and know if you can be of help. That means you must discover some common ground. Take note of what they are wearing, and ask about their family – not only in times of need or illness. Send them a card or gift during the holidays to appreciate their work to ensure that the shop runs daily. Find ways to keep your employees happy and motivated and see the trickle effect it will have on your business.
5. Develop a referral program.
Using a referral program can turn your consumers into members of your marketing team. Implementation of a referral program is possible in various ways. Still, the underlying premise is that your customers refer people to you in exchange for a discount, free item, or other such rewards. The more people referred to you by a customer, the more money that customer receives. It’s an excellent technique to generate referrals without actually doing anything.
6. Appeal to the locals.
Even if you export internationally, you must ensure that you are attractive to your local audience. People may stop by your store simply because they see it or want to look around. In your online ads, including AdWords and social media, Geotargeting is a method. You should also make sure that your offline ads are appealing to locals. It could involve incorporating photographs of surrounding parks or other notable locations or developing items for folks who reside nearby. You might even want to call your store or items something catchy related to the location.
In conclusion, the above are ways a retailer can use to attract new customers to their retail business.

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