Animation Jobs – 3D Animation to Improve Your Factory, Warehouse, and Supply Chain Flows

We sure hear a lot of complaints about how hard it is to break into the 3-D animation business and Hollywood. Many in the US are complaining that most of the jobs are now going to India, and whereas, it is true that the Indian animation entertainment sector and electronic arts industry is growing by leaps and bounds, we must also realize that there are many more animation films every year than there ever have been in the past.

We should also realize that Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks are each putting out a couple of animation films a month, usually they might be able to do one, two, or maybe on a blue moon three in the same year. It should also be noted that television is using much more animation than they have in the past, and not just for kids programs and cartoons anymore. Worldwide, we are watching more animation films, and cartoons, so the reality is the entire industry is moving upward and more jobs are needed.

Of course, the computer technology and software is also getting much better and a good computer operator is able to do what 100 animators used to be able to do in a week’s time. So whereas, there are more animation films, it can be said there is a need for less people. And more folks with creative ability + excellent computer skills in manipulating and designing on 3D software.

Still, we need people, lots of them to do animation, and this is why so much work is going to where jobs are the cheapest in India. Nevertheless, there are jobs in the United States in animation related industry subsectors, such as 3-D animation for presentations of new inventions, innovations, concepts, or products. There is also a huge need for things like 3-D animation to help companies and corporations improve their distribution supply chain flows in their factories and warehouses.

Before, anyone gives up on their dream to have a job in animation, they should look at these ancillary industries as well. From there they just might be able to get the experience they need to break into the more glamorous, and “sometimes” higher-paying animation entertainment industry. I sure hope you will please consider all this.


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