Industrial Doors – The Different Types Of Doors A Factory Or Industrial Premises Might Use

Industrial Doors, crash doors or GRP doors are the main point of any work place, with security a paramount and the quality of materials used also of high concern. All equipment can be manufactured to your exact requirements in most cases, meaning the company you choose to supply your doors will manufacturer them to fit, install them and then take care of the doors, usually on a contract basis.

Below, we look at the different types of doors available for factories, industrial units and warehouses.

Roller Shutter – An effective security solution for all types of industrial premises, from new units to factory extensions or refurbishments. Roller shutter doors are options that “roll” up when opening and “roll” down when closing, which helps to increase their strength and also means that you can have these doors in limited vertical spaces because when the doors open it just rolls up into a tube shape above the door to save on space.

Sectional – This solution is becoming more and more popular due to their increased efficiency and affordability, making them some of the most used doors around the country. Sectional doors open and close in separated panels which are individual, hence the name, which makes using these doors either manually or via electronic methods much more smooth and controllable.

Personnel – As the name would imply, the personnel door is an option that is used by members of your staff or visitors to access one area from another. Personnel doors can be made in all shapes and sizes and can also be made from the material that you require, meaning that you can choose from very light weight personnel doors all the way through to high security steel doors if you require.

Fast Action – The fast action or dynamic door is a self repairing rapid roll door with an opening speed that can be defined to your requirements. This means that this type of door is perfect for high traffic areas opening quickly giving you smooth traffic management. The door is low maintenance and cost effective, with the curtain on these doors can also be made to re-seal if hit by traffic, which dispenses with the costly call out of engineers and keeps your operation active.

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