The Prerequisites to Factory Fire Insurance

Images of poor immigrants forced to toil in intolerable conditions of the sweat shop of the early twentieth century come to mind the minute you hear of a factory fire. The shameful episode of the NY City Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in March 25th, 1911 was something that brought about significant changes in business fire codes and workers unions. Recent tragic fires in various factories located in Bangladesh where US retailers manufacture clothing have caused an uproar of late as well.

Now that the headlines scream about a major cosmetics factory conflagration that occurred in Windsor, NY, the authorities – and certainly the commercial property insurance provider – are investigating causes with a fine tooth comb.

Insurance exclusions, after all, include irresponsible maintenance and fire hazards that are not taken care of and do not meet up to the state standards and guidelines.

Here, we list some of the main things that the insurance companies and government safety codes strictly enforce.

Preventing Fire in the Workplace (or Dormitory) – Fourteen Tips to Stay Fire Safe

• Post clear signs above all doors and exit ways.
• Keep all doors, windows and exit ways unlocked while anyone is inside the building.
• Check all smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors routinely to be sure they are operating properly.
• Check fire bells regularly to ensure they will go off if there is a fire emergency.
• Make sure all fire extinguishers are strategically placed for easy access in the event of an emergency.
• Train workers on accurate use of fire extinguishers.
• Overhead sprinkler system should be in good working order.
• Make sure any solvents are held in a tightly sealed, fire-proof container.
• Prohibit tobacco smoking in areas where there is flammable material.
• Check wires and cords for disrepair and repair or replace as necessary.
• Keep wires and cords away from employee and customer traffic.
• Conduct periodic safety checks.
• Make sure all business products and supplies are stored neatly away.
• Make sure all entrances and exit ways, as well as factory aisles are clear and not obstructed.

Adhering to safety standards is the business owners first priority in preventing human and financial calamity. Speak to an experienced independent insurance agency whose reputation extols excellence for guidance on the type of commercial indemnity your company needs. By having a professional review your current coverage so that he or she will be able to aptly advise you on any necessary updates will ensure the peace of mind you need in the event of liability claims.

Have a fire-safe day – every day!

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